Used Honda Civic

Honda Civic

Situation with most cars is that every next generation is getting better and better and that the new models are more reliable and deliver better features than previous version. One of the most famous vehicles with their durability is Honda Civic, but is the story same will all the generations?

The ninth generation of the Honda Civic is in the wings. Used car buyers should therefore look especially after the 2005 featured, eighth Civic. But in the breakdown statistics of 2008, he occupied only a back seat.

If the requirements of the Honda Civic ahead of the VW Golf: If golf is rolling in the fall of the seventh generation to the dealers, there will be the compact model in Japan in ninth generation. You will start soon. Used car buyers are likely to be interested mainly in the eighth Civic. But there is an unusual trend in the car: Normally cars over the years by engineers continuously optimized. The Civic but attested in the ADAC breakdown statistics from its 2008 compared to previous surveys, only a back seat in the lower segment of the middle class.

To take account of the statistical decline of the Civic automobile club, according to the problems associated with particulate filters (diesel engine built between 2006 and 2007) and immobilizers (2006/2007) at. Gasoline in 2006 were also due to a malfunction in the engine management. The TÅ“V complains quite often wear on the rear brakes. Overall, the Japanese is in the testing organization but to be quite durable, despite the flight rust occurring in places. An endurance test over 100 000 kilometers of the magazine “Auto Bild” mastered a 1.8-liter gasoline engine with no problems.

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