The All New Honda CR Z – Redefined And The Redesigned

New Honda CR Z

Honda CR Z is a sport hybrid coupe which falls under the category of compact hybrid electric automobile. Hybrid gasoline electric power train and sports car elements combine together in the CR Z vehicle. With a 2+2 seating arrangement, the vehicle is fitted with standard transmission. The vehicle is termed to be the successor of the famous Honda CR X in both the design as well as the engine. It is the least polluting vehicle in the United States which falls under the category of Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle. The category is defined by the California Air Resources Board.

Honda CR Z is also the only model available from an automaker that boasts of manual transmission for a hybrid model. The vehicle uses the IMA technology from Honda and is the 6th unique version since its first launch for the three door hatchback. The vehicle was first introduced as a concept by owner in the year 2007 at the Tokyo motor show. The term CR Z stands for “compact renaissance zero”. The production of the car was under development during the same period which was intended to be sporty, efficient and affordable.

The vehicle is powered by i-VTECH SOHC in line 4 cylinder engine. The integrated motor assist (IMA) technology has been embedded into the hybrid electric engine that uses intelligence to drive the vehicle in different terrains smoothly and efficiently. The model has been released with standard transmission equipment and a continuous variable transmission as an option. 122 bhp power output is achieved at 6000 rpm when both the systems are combined together. When continuous variable transmission modal is taken into account, there is an output of 128 lb-ft for 1000-1500 rpm. 0 to 60 mph was reached in 10.5 seconds in a road test carried out in the Japanese market.

As for now is concentrating on increasing fuel efficiency and the reduction in emissions, Honda CR Z achieves a good fuel economy given that it uses a hybrid power train. According to the Japanese market, the vehicle is rated as 4lts for every 100Km for a CVT model and 4.4lts for every 100Km for manual transmission. There is a variation in the fuel economy according to the mode of transmission that has been selected for a drive. The vehicle achieved a rank fourth position in the top 10 fuel efficient vehicles for the CVT model while the manual transmission modal stood at the 10th place.

The overall performance of the car is exceptional and was well received by customers across the globe. Hybrid systems are proving to be worth as the save good amount of fuel. The all-new Honda CR Z is well improved in terms of design, interiors and transmission. The aerodynamic body offers reduced drag to the vehicle that increases overall fuel economy and good ride comfortability. It is sure to make its way into the top 10 vehicles that are voted regularly as best green cars with almost 0 emissions protecting nature.

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