The All New Honda Accord 2013

Honda Accord 2013

Though images are out for the all new Honda Accord 2013, it is still not official when the sedan will be available for sale. The images of the car show that Honda has kept its predecessor alive and made slight changes to the outlook and adding up few premium sculpted attractions on a whole. Speaking of the cosmetic changes, Honda maintained the look and feel of the old Accord while it has come up with new front grille, angular headlights and character line that runs along the length of the vehicle.

Even though the interiors of the vehicle are yet to be described, keeping in mind the changes carried forward to the exterior, there will be significant interior changes as well. One can expect latest gadgets and technologies embedded apart from increased safety features and comforts. According to the company, design engineers have worked closely in enhancing the aerodynamic structure of the vehicle to reduce drag. Flush windshield and flush wipers and smoother underbody panels are used in the vehicle to increase overall performance and increase the economy of the car. Also, there is significant change in the overall length of the car.

The all new Honda Accord 2013 occupies less space for parking. Thanks to its new design. Yes, when compared to the old version, the new model is shorter in length. But, the design of the interior has been carried out in such a way that it boasts good amount of space both in the trunk and cabin. This should be something that should be looked forward to. Space in the right amount will increase comfortability. This can only be tested when the model is out rolling on the roads. Well, few more months and the car will be up for sale.

Another important feature is the connectivity it is offering. HondaLink Smartphone feature will be introduced in the higher end models and will also see the launch of first Aha internet radio services in a vehicle. According to this features, users can connect to the cars stereo system with their Android powered or iPhone via Bluetooth. The main is to create a safe driving environment and the opportunity to connect to different devices either through controls mounted on the steering wheel or through voice recognition module. This way, the driver will be less distracted and possibility of occurrence of accident will be reduced.

A plug-in version is also slated for release which is sure to be a tough competition in its class. Accord is one the best selling car and model for Honda. There has been a dip in the number of sales due to tough competition from other brands. Honda is aiming to revive the market share with the launch of its new Accord 2013. Let us wait see for further more details into the specifications, interiors and exteriors when the launch of the car will be made official. With all new features embedded into the vehicle, Honda is definitely trying to recapture its market in the U.S.

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