Honda CR-V and Acura ILX Recalled Over Bum Door Latches

2012 Honda CR-V EX-L AWD

We all know that many car makers have small problems that needs to be corrected on cars that they launch. This causes for a large number of recalls and correcting mistakes, some are bigger and some are smaller.

Just recently we were able to hear about Ford that had few problems with their crossovers and newest addition to these problems come from Japanese car maker Honda that announced voluntary recall for 2012 CR-V and 2013 Acura ILX.

This is all done to correct an issue with their front door latches. According to Honda, operating the front driver or passenger inner door handle and the door locks simultaneously could disengage the handle’s release cable, which in turn may result in the door not latching when closed or popping open when the door locks are used.

No accidents or injuries have been reported, but the recall casts a wide net over vehicles sold in North America and elsewhere around the world. Honda says 166,000 CR-V models and 6,200 ILX models are affected in the U.S., but Automotive News reports those numbers swell to 321,453 affected vehicles when the rest of Honda’s markets around the world are taken into account.

To fix the problem, Honda will begin notifying customers in August by mail to take their vehicles to an authorized dealer where both front door latches, as well as the interior door handles in some CR-Vs, will be replaced.

Honda CR V Back1

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